Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Skype is So Cool!

Can i just say that whoever thought of Skype is a genius! I have gotten to skype with Kam a few times while she has been in africa which is so much fun! I miss her! I hope her and abe work out! She's always been like family! Speaking of Abe...we got to skype with abe on Christmas day and we will get to skype with him again on mothers day so soon!  So cool! He will be home so sooon! 13 weeks left! Holy Crap!  On easter sunday my big bro Jer and his wifey kara and 3 adorable girlies where here and we all got to skype Gabe and his cutie kids & got to hear sawyers random comments and campbells hillarious giggle & jos tryin to reach thru the screen, haha! Grandpa was there too. Sometimes i will be on the computer and get a random skype call from Jer's 3 lil' girlies in utah...such a fabulous suprise, i love seeing their cute faces and hearing their lil' voices! ..So fun! A couple weeks back when aaron and i where in spokane visiting gabe & his fam for spring break...i had all 3 kiddos sittin on my lap as we skyped Lex in north dakota!...So fun! Then my girlfriend Kelli and I skyped last week and we decided we need to skype at least once a week!...I miss her and wish we lived WAY closer...Mr RoyalRay her lil' baby boy also skyped with me...such a handsome lil' stud he is.  But All  in All....Skype is just da bestest!  So grateful for how it allows us to stay connected with our loved ones and see their beautiful faces!

These are the only pics i've snapped so far..
I know there is a way of snappin shots ON skype
but i am still learning, haven't gotten
that far in Skype knowledge yet! haha

I <3 Skype!

Me n KamKam
2nd africa skype sesh

 KamKam again...this was our 1st skype sesh

Kelli and RoyBoy!
 (too bad kissing those cheeks on the screen 
doesn't give you the same effect as real life baby smootches!)
I will take what i can get tho.

Elder Burns!
Get to see his cute mug on Mothers Day Soon!

Volleyball Traveling Trip

We love coaching volleyball together! Our girls are so silly! It is very rewarding to coach! We took 3rd at our Eastern Idaho Tournament!  They did great but we keep pushing them to get better! 2 more tournaments and the season is over.  It's a LONG season but alot of fun and it is neat to see the girls progress and get better and better throughout the season.

Yeahh Club Idaho 15 Gold

On our way home from the Tournament since Aaron & I drove we where able to stop off in Shelly Idaho and visit my Grandma Millar's Grave.  It was so beautiful and sunny that day! I felt the warmth of the sun on my back as i sat in front of her headstone  & got to reminisce a little in my head about all the many special memories i have of her and shed  a few tears because i really wished my husband could have known her...i know he will someday tho..it was almost as if i could feel her there. Her warm embrace!  I miss her so much! 

Monday, April 16, 2012

~Hunger Games~

Yeah we premiered it up with Ross and Amber! We had never gone to a premier of anything...and lets just say....we never will again. Haha. First of all i think the only people that really go to premiers anymore are hardcore crazies...or ALL highschool/jr high age kids aka Obnoxious kids!! & your occasional normal person who just really is excited to see the movie & thought it sounded fun to see a midnight movie...haha aka us! We need to watch it again so that we can actually hear all the parts we missed cause of kids making squeels or loud ooh's and ahhh's or loud laughing or smart comments!  But good thing we went with Ross and Amber...we still had a fun time with them & won't ever forget it. haha.....The Movie tho....was really good!

Pre-"hunger games"-Dinner
w/ The Sevy's

New Texas Road House in Nampa!
Late Dinner before Premier!

Us ladies waiting patiently at movie theatre
btw...We love Peeta!
but...We love Gale too cause he is so gorgeous!

Aaron and Ross...our very own Peeta & Gale? haha

KONY 2012

Yeah....I Kony'd it up! So did my sis! Donated and bought my Kony 2012 Kit! If you don't know what this is...YouTube it.

~International Justice~
KONY 2012

To Cover The Night

Sealed Together Forever, For Time and all Eternity.....

A Few of our family and friends where recently able to be Sealed together forever in the Temple for Time and All Eternity!  We are so happy for them! Aaron & I where able to go to the Temple last weekend with some of our friends. We are going to try to go to the Twin Falls temple (the closest temple for now) every month until they open Boise back up. Soon after that hopefully they will get the Meridian Temple goin.  But we enjoyed our weekend with friends in the temple this last weekend alot.  It is such a beautiful and peaceful place to be. The closest feeling to heaven i think i'll ever have is in the Temple! We where able to do a session & some proxy sealings with our friends.  The sealer asked us what we remembered from they day we got married in the temple...honestly...it was all a blur...but he was asking specifically about our sealing and if we remembered what was said to us.  I remember that Steve Beus was our Sealer and he did a Beautiful job...but i was rackin my brain and all i could remember was when he told aaron to always hang on to me and never let me go and also when he said "for time and all eternity" and that part i was thrilled about!  As we did our proxy sealings this last weekend the sealer had asked us to listen closely to the words and blessings that are promised in the sealing ceremony & after he was going to ask us what stuck out to us.  So that he did.  It's amazing all the blessings that are promised to us & alot of those blessings are what stuck out to aaron that he had mentioned...but at the end he says..."through your faithfullness" all these blessings and promises can be yours. I loved that & realized that our work is never done and our faith must be steadfast in Christ always!  Needless to say...it was a beautiful day in the temple.

Our Friends Dj & Ashley Rupert...Sealed in Twin Falls Temple

 The Millar?s
My cousin Bj, My friend Stacy & their adorable daughter Carli!
Sealed in the Mt. Timpanogas Temple
Sad we couldn't be at this one, Was a wonderful day tho!

 Ross and Amber Sevy!
Our buddies that we went to the Temple with this last weekend

Jazz n Amb
Love this girl!

Me & my man forever!

Our Silly Pup

Maggie aka...Magdoll, Magz, Maggiez, Maggerz, MaggieWaggie, is such a silly dog & is about full grown now we think.  She has been alot of fun and we are so glad that we got her.  (Daughty on the other hand still isn't very thrilled about the whole situation...but she is learning how to deal with Maggie and her energy) Maggie will play fetch for HOURS if you would keep throwing her toy.  She will fetch pretty much anything!. She sits, rolls over, and is housebroken & kennell trained, AND she rings the bell to go outside. haha! We are still workin on some more tricks & commands! She is very social & loves playing with other dogs!  She doesn't shed but has the funniest fur. She has helped us kinda take our minds off our busy lives and stresses.  Needless to say, we love our pup...both of our pups, even grumpy ol' daughty girl haha!


Monday, February 13, 2012


I got home late friday night from being in Vegas with Kelli.  Being gone for 10 days my sweet sweet husband was able to coach our team while i was gone. I missed 3 practices.  But he is a champ and he readied the girls for our upcoming tournament.  We had a tournament that next day after i got home.  I don't know what he did...but he instilled some major fight in our team!  Because our girls did amazing on saturday!  They won the Championship of  Gold bracket which is the absolute best we could have done!!...we took 1st place out of 16 teams!  Our girls did so awesome. Coaching is so rewarding!  We absolutley love it and i am so lucky to get to have the most HANDSOME assistant coach....My Husband! So proud of our Team....and we will just keep pushing to get better as the season goes on!
Club Idaho 15Gold
"Team Snooks"